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Top 5 Unusual And Unique Things To Do In Mexico

Mexico is located south of the United States of America in North America is home to dozens of fun tourist activities. It is also home to some of the most bizarre tourist attractions on earth that will make your holiday touring fun and unique.

So don’t hesitate dialing that Manchester airport contact number and book yourself a ticket to Mexico. Your stay in Mexico is likely to be most memorable that a repeat visit is virtually a must.

5 Amazing Things to do in Mexico:

The following are some of the most bizarre yet interesting things you may engage in while in holiday at Mexico. They include:

· JetPack Take Off:

This tourist attraction is new in Mexico and apparently it’s a pioneer project here in Mexico. It has been in Cancun Mexico for only a few months and already it has attracted tourist in their hundreds. Everyone is just eager to get a lift off from this JetPack ride. It will give you the closest feeling to flying as most of the ordinary people will ever get. The experience will last a lifetime.

· Turtle Hatchery: 

This experience is mostly fun as family activities where the children of the family will enjoy the experience the most. Despite the educational value gained by learning how turtles are incubated and finally hatched. It also plays a role in creating wildlife conservatism drive in the visitors. They will get to appreciate the efforts nature conservers are playing in order to ensure the next generation will get to enjoy

· Visit the Abandoned Beach Resort:

Most people when they visit a beach, they expect it to be filled with people with some beach visitors catering services going on. However a visit to the Club Tulum located in the south of Cancun is an abandoned beach. It was once hit by severe hurricanes which lead to it being abandoned. The remaining ruins are actually very beautiful scenic tourist attractions. The area has been put aside by the Mexico government and measures to keep the beach in its ruined state have been put in place. Though it beats logic visiting an abandoned beach, but a visit to the Club Tulum will thrill you beyond your expectations.

· Tequila Museum:

Tequila is one of the most important drinks in Mexico; it is part of their culture if one may say so. That is why they have dedicated an entire museum paying tribute to tequila. At the Tequila Herradura Sensory Museum you will be able to sniff and slurp various kinds of tequila drinks. You will also be able to appreciate the historic background behind this loved drink.

· Under Sea Museum:

Mexico is also home to the Museo Subacuatico de Cancun (MUSA) which is work of art done by one Mr. Jason deCaires Taylor. He sculptured about 450 statures and placed them in an intricate fashion under water between Isla Mujeres and Cancun. This masterpiece artwork does not just serve the purpose of appreciating beautiful artwork, but it also fosters conservatism efforts on the coral. In that they act like artificial reef thus promote growth of corals thus diverting the attentions of swimmers away from the naturally delicate coral in their natural habitat.

Thus if you are looking for a holiday trip which you will engage in quirky things that may seem off the pages of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, take that vacation to Mexico. Dial the manchester airport contact number 0843 116 0044, to book yourself a ticket.

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