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Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Now that the beaches of Puerto Peñasco are not as crowded, it is the perfect time of the year to enjoy them. It’s a great opportunity to plan a romantic dinner in the evening light and surprise your loved one.

Whether it’s your first date or a special celebration a romantic dinner on the beach never fails. But having the perfect place sometimes is not enough and we have to take care of the smallest detail, creating a delightful atmosphere complete with a delicious meal.

Let’s take a look at some ideas to make it a night to remember.

• Choosing the type of food: When dining out with that special someone make sure you choose the right food, whether it’s Chinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese or Mexican be sure it’s something you will both enjoy. Now it is time to choose the drinks perhaps a good wine or if you prefer some delicious cocktails, remember it’s going to be a romantic dinner on the beach, so don’t forget to take with you all the necessary items.

• Dress for Dinner: Clearly you want to make a good impression wearing your best whether you are a man or woman. Use a floral perfume. Test mix between casual and formal using pleasant colors. If you are someone who dresses formally then go with the relax style and wear jeans with a shirt, dare to try something different!

• Take a gift: Be a romantic and if you wish to have the best dinner on the beach than what better detail to give that special someone a bouquet of roses, flowers will never fail to impress your partner. A box of chocolates or even the smallest of details will get a smile from them every time.

• Light: To set the right mood, having the correct lighting plays an important role. It might sound silly but it’s not enough with the sunset at the beach. Take a few candles to give the perfect touch to a perfect evening a candle light evening…

Adapt your evening to your own individual perspective of romance. The idea is to reconnect as lovers and keep the flame of love alive.

And you,– have you had a romantic evening on the beach? What are your recommendations?

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