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Buenos Aires: Get The Best Of Its Cuisine For Less

Buenos Aires is a great place to be in and grab an affordable meal. The city with its mystic charms has been enthralling visitors from everywhere. However, the other good thing about this city is that there are many reasonably priced eating joints that serve a variety to their customers. Let us look at the bank of foods that you should try when in town.


Buenos Aires is a treat for all the ice cream aficionados. There are plenty of flavors available through the city. You can choose from a common Strawberry or any other unique variety available. If the hunger pangs seem to disturb you, just hop into a freddo (ice cream shop) and grab one as per your liking. Indulge your taste buds like never before and soak in the delectable aroma of the desserts that promise to make your trip a special one.


Empanadas in Buenos Aires are sure to tickle your taste buds with delicious aromas. These basically are turnovers filled with chicken, beef, onion and cheese, spinach and cheese and other combinations. They are absolutely terrific and comparatively cheap. They are available in all the street corners. However, they taste best when piping hot. Bite into a hot chicken empanada for that melt-in-the-mouth feeling.



Argentine steak is known the world over. In fact, the steak on the streets of Buenos Aires tastes even better. If at all you hear people praise the streak in the city, believe them, as they actually are incredible. There are many varieties of steak available and the most common are grilled, pan-fried, or broiled. Fish steaks are usually baked. You will be amazed to find steaks as long as your forearm in the city!


Media Luna of Argentina resembles a normal croissant found in the United States. However, the striking difference is that the ones available in Buenos Aires are sweeter than the ones found in the U.S. Most of the locals munch onto a media luna for breakfast. Many other Argentines use this during merienda, a tiny meal eaten before dinner. Irrespectively they are delectable.


Yerba Mate though a drink, is something that cannot skip this list. It is an integral part of the Argentine culture. This healthy drink is consumed pretty often by the locals and comprises a vital part of their favorite eats and drinks. It is loved unanimously through the city. It is a mix of herbs diluted in hot water and contains a grassy flavor. It is really good for health. One drinks out of a mate (cup) and uses a bombilla (a metal spoon with a filter at the end). Before you leave Argentina, raise a toast to the taste of this scrumptious beverage!

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